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SUBJECT: God’s Redemptive Purpose for Nation

This is the Divine calling or gifting of a nation. It is a special gifting or calling that a nation has. We believe that every nation has a gifting and special calling and a purpose that God has which he has redeemed and which the devil tries to thwart and destroy by causing the nation to actually walk in the opposite to that calling.


NATION: Hellas (known as Greece)


Introduction to the Nation (important in order to comprehend the spiritual significance)


A small country of about 10 million people in the Southeast end of Europe; more specifically, it is the south part of the Balkan region, bordering to Albania, ex-Yugoslavia and Bulgaria on the north. The remaining west, south and east is covered by the Mediterranean Sea, except for a small strip of land on the Northeastern end, where Hellas shares borders with Turkey.


There are another probably near 10 million people of the same ethnic background and culture living around the world, with major communities to be found on locations in the USA, Australia, and to a lesser extent in Germany, South Africa, and elsewhere. The Hellenic nation is spread all over the world, and is not known in any part of the world as a lazy, unproductive, or, trouble making people – instead, the Hellenes, or, Ellines (Greeks) are known to be great contributors to society in every country where they have relocated. It is said, that after the Jewish community in the USA –which is the wealthiest ethnicity among the many that comprise the modern US population, the Hellenic community of the USA is the greatest contributor of scientists, University Professors, researchers, Medical Doctors, and other faculties in the Arts and Sciences.


This is the main heritage of the Hellenic nation since the ancient times. Hellas has contributed to the entire globe through a civilization that spreads over thousands of years; it has not been interrupted, or, destroyed, as the great Egyptian civilization, but it has lasted through to our day, having built the very roots of the entire western civilization of our day – more on this further below.


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Hellas is the first nation in the world to be officially and formally Christian, by constitution, which was established in the 1800’s immediately after the liberation from the Ottoman Empire. The Turkish occupation lasted 400 years, starting with the fall of Constantinople (modern day Instabul) and the Byzantine Empire. This is an important element, because no other nation and culture would have survived for 400 years under Islamic rule. But Hellas did, and the Christian culture was not subdued, or, swallowed by the conquering army; as soon as the 1821 revolution succeeded in pushing back the Turks, the first Hellenic Democratic state that was established was already Christian, and 100% Hellenic in its culture, language and eventually religion. The Hellenic Constitution, which is still the ultimate authority today, begins with the following statement:


“IN THE NAME OF THE HOLY AND CONSUBSTANTIAL TRINITY” …  and continues to say that the Hellenic state is Christian Orthodox – “Orthodox” being a qualifying term against heresy, and not a mere statement of denomination! It refers back to the early days’ conflict between Athanasius and Arius and the subsequent Athanasian Creed. The constitution really says: We want to be Christians, and we want to be true, genuine Christians, not false, or heretics… This is what my forefathers said, coming out of 400 years of slavery under the Muslim Turks. By average count, my forefathers who said that, had not experienced themselves what it is like to live in a Christian country for about 16 generations… But the Christian faith and the Hellenic culture were still alive! Hellas was the first nation in the world to make such an official covenant with God, the Father of Jesus Christ. This covenant is still active today, and draws on God’s promises for Hellas!


This covenant was originally formed between the Lord and the early Church Fathers who were almost of the stature and anointing of the Apostle Paul himself (e.g. John the Chrysostome). Those were the anointed people of God who continued the work that Paul started in Hellas. Even though the Byzantine Empire later fell into sin and the Lord’s judgment came upon the nation (which was part of, and the major land comprising the Byzantine Empire), very much like with the nation of Israel, the Lord never forsook His promises to the Fathers of the Church in Hellas.


The Hellenic (or, Eastern) Orthodox Church was able to survive throughout the centuries, maintaining alive not only the undefiled by external heresy faith in Jesus Christ, but also the Hellenic language and culture. This was crucial not for reasons of ethnic pride, but because of the importance of the Hellenic language for the Gospel [as much as any language will adequately convey the basic Gospel message, it is equally true that until today the original Hellenic language remains the only trustworthy standard medium of communication of the original Truth as the Lord revealed it through all the writings of the New Testament. Much of international heresy can be exposed on the basis of the original language concepts].


The Lord commissioned the Eastern Orthodox Church with the task of keeping the Word alive and active to this day – which explains why this particular Church persistently refuses to modernise, and the services are held in centuries old language. There are negatives attached to all this, and there are also negatives which attached themselves to the early Church doctrines (prior to the schism – ref. The icons, Mariolatry and the saints), but all those can be very easily identified and cleared away when the Spirit of the Lord moves again for new life in this centuries old Church [to note, there is a difference between the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox Church on the subject of Mariolatry – the latter have not exalted Maria to the level of God, as the Catholics have, nor, do they hold the doctrine of Mary’s “ascension”, but accept that she died like an ordinary woman. The Orthodox Church remains faithful to the Headship of Jesus Christ].


Observing the major positives and the Lord’s empowerment, which made them possible, the Orthodox Church kept the Hellenic culture and language alive throughout the 400 years of the Ottoman rule over Hellas. Throughout that time, the Orthodox priests held school in the secret in the monasteries, teaching the Hellenic language and culture to the young Hellenes. When the nation was liberated it was immediately found to be Christian and undefiled by the Turks thanks to the Orthodox priests, who had acted as the teachers of the nation, of both the faith and the language.


The closest equivalent to that is the role of the synagogue which has kept the Law of God alive throughout the Babylonian captivity and the Diaspora of the Jewish nation. By the time Jesus appeared, there were many negatives attached to the Jewish “religion”; yet, thanks to the Jewish “religion” we still have the Word of God (Old Testament) alive today – that was the commission given to the Jews by the Lord, and they remained faithful to it, in spite of all the additional elements which they introduced to what the Lord had originally given them. There are so many directly equivalent parallels between the Orthodox Jews and the Hellenic Orthodox Christians, that one must be blind to fail to see the Hand of the Lord behind both “religions”.


Hellas today is over 98% Christian Orthodox (mostly non-born again believers), with a small Muslim remnant close to the Turkish border. There are some Catholics (>1%), and a few Evangelicals (>0.3%) who have failed in more than 70 years to communicate the living person of Jesus. The major conflict in Hellas is that the Evangelicals are not focused on the person of Jesus, but have purposed to transform the nation from Orthodox to their own denominations. This is like trying to uproot the very roots of the nation and the culture, which in part explains the persistent failure of the Evangelical churches and ministries over the decades. At the same time, the Orthodox Church holds the promises of the Lord to her founders, and that is an ancient well of anointing, which in fact is the deepest source of divine “water”, because it is the anointing the Lord poured upon the Apostle Paul when He commissioned him to take the Gospel to Hellas!


This ancient well of anointing is the gateway into the Gentiles, the nations of the world, which were reached by the Gospel through Hellas. The world Church and especially the Protestants have failed to realise that if they want to see Hellas transformed, they have to tap into the water that the Lord has already provided. Instead, they are trying to build their own little fountains, but there is no water to be found, because it all flows through the covenant that the Lord has established with the Fathers of this nation, i.e. the roots of the Orthodox Church. Unsurprisingly, then, in spite of the absence of systematic teaching and preaching, the Holy Spirit moves sovereignly among the Orthodox simple believers and they experience more of God’s power, and are more in numbers, than all the Evangelicals put together. The healings and miracles which are performed every year in the Orthodox Church are probably in the hundreds or thousands, whereas in the Evangelical churches very few and extremely rare. Also, the Spirit-filled Orthodox outnumber the Evangelical believers, both those who are Spirit-filled, and those who are not.


The key to understanding this anointing is this: the heavens are open above those areas, ministries and people where the devil has not been able to place a dark veil (or, where the veil has been removed). The major demonic stronghold “above” Hellas is through the “Prince of Greece” (Daniel 8:23-25 and 10:20) – more details further below. This world ruler operates through the spirit of humanistic wisdom, which has infiltrated the western Protestant Church through the German school of thought and (Protestant) Theology (e.g. Calvinism). Humanistic wisdom has crippled the power of the Protestant Church in all the western world, having rendered it a mere alternative religion focused on man’s intellectual perception and intelligence, thus having removed the main source of power of the genuine Christian faith, which is the Spirit worship, sacrifice and obedience. Having removed the supernatural-invisible aspects of worship, sacrifice and the suffering (which teaches obedience) elements from the mainline Protestant world, the western “Christian religion” has kept a form of godliness, but lacking the power of the resurrected and living Jesus.


However, at the time that the humanistic thought took over the reigns of the world Church the Orthodox Church was hidden away under the reign of the Ottoman Empire, and never became defiled by the world’s most cunning and dangerous world ruler (Daniel 8:23-25). The worst influences that satan was able to mix into the Orthodox church in the earlier days were the icons, Mariolatry and the saints – all of which are under a different world ruler, classified as the “Prince of the Kingdom of Persia” (Daniel 10:13). In simple words, the “Prince of Greece” never subdued the Orthodox Church! Hence, the average Orthodox service includes more than 3 hours of worship and less than half hour preaching… i.e. the exact opposite of the western world, where the exaltation of human wisdom and intelligence is the focal point of the protestant service, and the worship part has been reduced to a mere fraction of the time spent on transmitting eloquent words of human wisdom and intelligence. In short, the main demonic stronghold of the western civilisation is unable to hold back the power of the Spirit from the Orthodox Church – the heavens are open and the anointing is flowing freely… onto those who believe with a simple child-like faith, in spite of total absence of intellectual understanding of systematic theology and doctrine.


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The Ottoman Empire was not the only one who conquered Hellas, but was unable to subdue the Hellenic culture. About a century and a half prior to the coming of Christ, the Roman Empire defeated the divided armies of Alexander the Great, who himself was dead before that time. The Hellenic Empire of Alexander the Great was the first one ever to establish the same language and culture throughout the then known world, and when Rome, the subsequent world power took over the reigns of the world, found themselves being subdued under the same culture of the Empire which they had just defeated. The Hellenic language and culture became the official ones in Rome. The Roman Empire in fact maintained the legacy, which Alexander had started earlier, and went on to spread it further to the ends of the known world.

The Hellenic language eventually became the roots of the gradually transformed Latin, and became the root of all the western civilization languages. E.g. English words “present”, “appear”, “appearance” come from the Hellenic root word “parousia” (even the basic sound is still there).


Another element of the Hellenic culture which the Romans failed to subdue, but in fact were conquered by it (even though they were the conquerors themselves), was the religious system and worship of ancient Hellas – the gods of mount Olympus – i.e. Olympian Zeus, Athena, Apollo, etc. Rome took over the Hellenic gods, and made them her own, merely changing their names but maintaining all the attributes, the worship and the temples. This was a worldwide record first, in a world where the conquerors took pains to destroy all the temples of the defeated peoples. Pride, fear and superstition related to the power of the gods of the defeated peoples drove the zeal of the conquerors in abolishing the temples and worship of the conquered lands, and establishing their own. The Romans did the same everywhere else, except Hellas! The gods of Hellas were by far superior to the gods of Rome! The Romans were overwhelmed by the Hellenic architecture, and putting aside the prevailing mindset of their day, their pride, their fears and superstition, they adopted the Hellenic architectural style along with the “indwelling” gods, and took them all to Rome. The remaining buildings in the city of Rome to this day bear witness to the underlying power of the Hellenic culture – this is the key to understanding the spiritual realm of Hellas!


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Greece” is the English word for the nation and country of Hellas. “Greek” is the English word for what should rather be termed Hellenic, or, Hellenistic (depending on the use). The “Greeks” are really called Hellenes (or, Ellines). The official international name of the nation and country in discussion is THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC, and this is the term used on the country’s passports.


The English word Greece/Greek was formed out of the arbitrarily imposed term GRAECOS upon the Hellenic nation while Hellas was under Turkish/Ottoman captivity for 400 years – it actually means SLAVE! I thereby reject the English terminology used to refer to my country, first because of the root concept which it conveys, and secondly on the grounds that the official international diplomatic name is different, and it is the name that the local nationals and inhabitants have chosen for themselves since thousands of years ago. More than that, the term “Hellen”, or, “Ellin”, and Hellas, or, Ellada, are the Biblical words used by the Apostle Paul, himself, to refer to my country and nation about 2,000 years ago. Every nation and every people have the right to choose which name to be called by, and I refuse to call myself a SLAVE, just because the English imperialists arbitrarily and mockingly chose to call me by that name few centuries ago. Graecos was meant to be a mocking term for Hellen (pronounced EL_LEEN).


Introduction to the spiritual realm of the Nation of Hellas


There was (and is) a spiritual concept (or, reality) attached to the fact that neither the Romans nor the Ottomans succeeded in subduing the Hellenic culture.

There is a spiritual concept (or, reality) attached to the mocking term Graecos.

There was (and is) a spiritual concept (or, reality) attached to the fact that the Bible has included all the nations of the world in two ethnicities: the Jew and the Greek … !


Romans 1:16 (NKJV) For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek. 17 For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, "The just shall live by faith."

Romans 2:9 (NKJV) tribulation and anguish, on every soul of man who does evil, of the Jew first and also of the Greek; 10 but glory, honor, and peace to everyone who works what is good, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. 11 For there is no partiality with God.

Galatians 3:28 (NKJV) There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Colosians 3:11 (NKJV) where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcised nor uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave [nor] free, but Christ [is] all and in all.


There is a spiritual concept (or, reality) attached to the similarity between the “Jew-Greek” duo, and equivalent duos in the Bible: Hagar-Sarah, Ishmael-Isaac, Manasseh-Ephraim, North Kingdom of Israel-South Kingdom of Judah, first temple-second temple, former rain-latter rain, slave-free, circumcised-uncircumcised… (I purpose to refrain from explaining in detail). Let us look at the US of America. Most ethnicities fade away in time in this land of all peoples, and people become “American” in culture. Not so for certain ethnicities who are strong in historical and cultural background, carrying a rich heritage – such as the Jews, as well as the Hellenes. Not surprisingly, they are the two leading ethnic groups, which contribute to the land of all peoples those elements, which their national heritage is rich of:


v     Jews: they are the people of (the) El Shadday – wealth is their contribution to the USA

v     Hellenes: they are the people of Intelligence and Wisdom that built the foundation of the modern western civilisation – wisdom in the Arts and Sciences is their contribution to the USA


To understand better the spiritual realm and significance of the Nation of Hellas, we need to look at some major elements of the Hellenic culture, which have influenced the world:


A. we already spoke of the Hellenic language:

1)      it became the root of Latin – out of which the European languages were formed

2)      it was the language that the Lord chose to communicate the Gospel of Jesus to the world


B. Plato’s Academy – the 1st University in the world!


C. 1)The Republic by Plato – every western culture has been influenced by it

     2)The Aristotelian Logic – became the basis for all science and systematic philosophy


We spoke earlier of the influence of the Hellenic gods upon the Roman culture. We observe their lasting influence on the world system even to our day, as we look at the official seal of the State of California of the US of America; the Hellenic goddess of wisdom, “Athena” is on it!




The Hellenic word EUREKA is also on it! Such is the lasting influence of the early Hellenic philosophers, their writings (the fruit of their intellectual capacity and intelligence), and their system of education! This photo below from the very centre of Athens depicts clearly the spiritual reality, which is the foundation and source of power behind the lasting influence of the Hellenic mindset! Athena, the goddess of wisdom from above is the provider of earthly wisdom of Plato, Aristotle and all the other Hellenic philosophers.


The Academy (the building in the photo below) is the birthing place where man learned the ways of tapping into the wisdom of the gods… EUREKA, means “I FOUND”, thereby signifying that the “knowledge” was not merely “produced” (i.e. by the human mind) but it was FOUND, or, given (from above)… This is the demonic equivalent of what Paul knew and prayed about in Eph.1:17 “a spirit of wisdom and revelation be given you” …



Notice? The name of the ancient goddess (Athena) is the name of one of the most ancient capitals of the world (Athens) – in Hellenic: Athina for both. The place, and the god of the place, is the root source of the western civilization’s culture, arts and sciences…


Interestingly, the Creator God, the God of the Jews, chose this particular nation to use the language, the culture, the influence, the systematic educational methodology and intelligence in theorising and communication, as well as the same background of wisdom in order to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.


The wisdom of the Hellenes is not the same as the wisdom of the Lord, as Paul makes very clear in 1 Corinthians, chapters 1 and 2. However, there were certain similarities between the Godly wisdom and the wisdom of the land of the wise. The ancient Hellenic philosophers were already pointing through their own intelligence in the direction of certain godly attributes, such as the 4 moral virtues they wrote about: Prudence, Temperance, Courage, and Justice.


Even though they lacked the “information” on the One true God, which the Jews had, Hellenes apparently were never too far away from Him, as He, in His person as the Creator of the world had chosen to impart upon them a main feature of His divine character – the wisdom required of the carnal mind to interpret by means of human thought the person of God, and the required language to communicate such deep and abstract concept – (note here focal point of the redemptive purpose)


“One of their prophets”[1] – Epimenides, mentioned in the Bible but not by name, was indeed not far away from the True God at all. When he was summoned from the island of Crete to come to Athens and stop the plague, which was killing almost all of the Athenian population, he sacrificed lamb to the unknown God! He knew there was a God, Who was not known to his fellow countrymen, and he knew that He was a healing God! Jehovah Raffa responded to the sacrifice of the lamb, even though He was not called by His Name! The plague stopped! It is a pity Epimenides did not know of God’s Name, for that might have caused ancient Hellas to turn instantly to the God of the Jews!


7 major elements of God’s redemptive purpose for Hellas


1. Wisdom, intelligence to perceive the deep, abstract concepts of God

2. Language, verbal expression to communicate the difficult abstract theological concepts

3. Academy-University-Library: educational system to transmit Godly knowledge

4. Religious/superstitious mindset; Hellas was and is a deeply god-fearing people

5. Entrepreneurial skills – major strength of Hellenes, basis of Apostolic work – Paul had it

6. Music & Theater; main features in worshipping the Creator who created them

7. Arts & crafts – can be used to creatively communicate religious beliefs & ideas


What the devil does to thwart and destroy God’s redemptive purpose

by causing the nation to actually walk in the opposite to its calling.

God granted wisdom to the Hellenes. The devil stepped in to pervert it. The means he used were identical to the ones in the Garden of Eden – he caused the human mind to exalt itself over and above the knowledge of God, thereby proclaiming itself to be “god” instead of God. This is in fact the spirit of the anti-christ – or, more accurately said, it produces the spirit of the anti-christ.


I.e. where God intended His divine wisdom to lead us to the mind of Christ, satan entices man, who places overly emphasis on his own wisdom, to stray in another direction, thus producing an idol of the true King, and placing a false King on the Throne. The Throne of God is in His Temple – after Christ the human body-soul-spirit become the Temple of God – the Throne is in the centre of the Temple – i.e. the human mind. If man’s wisdom is submitted to God, the mind of Christ transforms man’s sinful carnal nature by means of the renewal of the carnal mind – Christ is eventually seated on the throne! But when the earthly wisdom is applied, man loses sight of the True King, and eventually places another “Christ” on the Throne of God, who has the appearance of godliness (i.e. of Christ), but lacks the power thereof – that is the anti-christ; a religious idol void of God’s life. God’s divine wisdom reveals Jesus the King. Jesus is the source of the Spirit of Life. Satan builds his counterfeit “triangle”, i.e. the earthly depiction of the Triune God:


[The spirit of death is so powerful in Hellas, that it dares manifest itself right in front of the Parliament, through an engraving on the wall of a fallen soldier in battle; Hellas worships her dead in times of war, and lives on her memories of the past wars, thus glorifying death. Death further draws its power from the most common official murder: abortion. Abortion is legal and socially acceptable; as a result, 3 times the number of children that are born are put to death in the abortion clinics. The rate of abortion of this country is the highest in the western world.]


The spirit of wisdom attacks directly the Father God; the spirit of idolatry aims at replacing the King Jesus with a false religious projection of god, and the spirit of death aims at permanently distancing man from the Spirit of God, that gives life. This is NOT an issue confined within the boundaries of Hellas. This is an international problem!


Without going into a detailed and systematic explanation, through simple rational on the basis of all the background which I selectively presented above, it is easy to conclude that a powerful demonic scheme has worked its way into the world, by means of first infiltrating the Hellenic mindset. It then granted the authority to the Hellenic culture to withstand all the earthly opposition, and eventually penetrated the international scene throughout the generations. For simplicity in words and communication we can call this demonic stronghold “the Hellenic mindset”, which speaks of a combination of wisdom, religiosity, intellectual capacity of perception and communication of abstract concepts and ideas, linguistic power, superiority in arts, sciences, and human skills and abilities in systematic teaching and educational method of perpetuation of human knowledge.


The Hellenic mindset was created by the Father of Jesus Christ for the King’s glory! In His divine providence, God pre-destined Hellas to be the gateway into the Gentiles. Hellas was and is called to play the second most important role for the Kingdom of Heaven, after the Holy Nation. Israel was called to reveal God to the world; Hellas is called to communicate God to the world in plain human words! Satan has defiled the 2nd chosen nation, so that he communicates idols of the true King to the world. The entire western church suffers under the Hellenic mindset, which leaves her with an external form of godliness but lacking the power thereof. The ancient goddess Athena is the earthly manifestation of the spiritual source of this demonic stronghold. Athena was born out of the head of Zeus – Zeus being the idol of the Father God. Athena then in fact was conceived in the demonic realm as a substitute of Jesus. Hence, Eve, a woman, was targeted by the “serpent” to introduce sin in the world. In the Bible, Jezebel is a prophetic appearance of the same spirit, which replaces the worship of the true God with false worship (re. prophets of Baal) and silences God’s “prophetic” voice and revelation by means of fear and deception. The Queen of Heaven is the higher authority behind Athena, whereby the Queen of Heaven is a false idol of the Father God, and a personification of satan himself, whereas Athena, of Jesus.


Prepared and presented by George Emmanuel Markakis


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Prayer Requests for Hellas

1.  Peace with Turkey through a lasting and meaningful relationship between the 2 countries. That by definition needs to include withdrawal from Cyprus of the Turkish armies, which invaded the island in 1974 and still keep half of the island under military occupation. Also, return to the rightful owners of the occupied land, where the Turks have relocated peoples from other areas of their country. As long as they apply military power, and armed robbery of land and physical property, there cannot be peace between the two nations.

2.  Revival of the Hellenic Orthodox Church, and cleansing from the un-Orthodox traditions that crept in it since its inception (such as the worship of the icons, the saints and "Virgin Mary"). This revival is key to the revival of the entire Europe, and especially of the Roman Catholic Church, as the Holy Spirit has communicated to us (and there is more to it...).

3.  Protection and survival of the original Hellenic language through which the New Testament was communicated to the world, as the devil tries to eliminate it through the globalisation project (for the purpose of destroying the original concepts and doctrines which the original Hellenic text conveys - they are basis of defence against major heresy). For details pls refer to the report on the redemptive gift of Hellas.

4.  The Lord has said that there will be a Prime Minister of Hellas who will receive Jesus Christ, and cause the Gospel to be preached even in the Parliament, and be transmitted live on national TV - let this will of the Lord come to pass quickly, for this is the key that will unlock the Hellenic nation and cause the salvation of millions of souls. This prophecy contains other major elements as well, related to the spread of the Truth throughout the land. Let it all come to pass as the Lord said it.

5.  On a more immediate and medium term level, we have been trying to establish a national Pastors Prayer Meeting, which will be the umbrella for the Prayer Chain Network - a 24-hour watch (or, prayer blanket over the nation), through a multitude of intercessors from many ministries and across denominations; there has been very slow progress, and we need the Lord's supernatural intervention for this project to come through. This is not a man made project; it has been prophesied in detail what the Lord wants to do, and we have seen how the Lord has put together the elements to bring it about, but the devil keeps fighting very hard. Repentance and humility among the Evangelical and Pentecostal Pastors is a key prayer request, without which the Lord cannot move any further in this area. Another element of the same project is the removal of the apparently insurmountable obstacle, which is the coming together also of key Orthodox leaders behind this national project.

6.  With ref. to the demonic triangle, explained in the report on Hellas, which aims at nullifying the Triune God (Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit), we need to concentrate our intercession against the spirits of 1) Humanistic wisdom, 2) Idolatry (mother of the spirits of religiosity and anti-Christ; the spirit of Jezebel is in this category), and 3) the spirit of spiritual and physical death (which is responsible for the spirit of lukewarmness, which causes the spiritual death of the Christians).

7.  The redemption of the 

7 major elements of God’s redemptive purpose for Hellas

 1. Wisdom, intelligence to perceive the deep, abstract concepts of God

2. Language, verbal expression to communicate the difficult abstract theological concepts

3. Academy-University-Library: educational system to transmit Godly knowledge

4. Religious/superstitious mindset; Hellas was and is a deeply god-fearing people

5. Entrepreneurial skills – major strength of Hellenes, basis of Apostolic work – Paul had it

6. Music & Theater; main features in worshipping the Creator who created them

7. Arts & crafts – can be used to creatively communicate religious beliefs & ideas



[1] Titus 1:12 – Paul makes reference to the same person